5 Best Coffee Plungers You Can Buy On Amazon

Whether you are only beginning to make your own coffee at home or you have gone through the whole gamut of coffee-making apparatuses through the years, you’ll have to agree that using a coffee plunger is the simplest brewing method there is.

Also popularly known as the French press, the first rudimentary coffee plungers were created in France 1852, then in 1923, the Italians came up with their own design. Press coffee makers have sustained their popularity among coffee lovers because of its simplicity. It doesn’t take a lot of technique to make delicious morning coffee with it!

All coffee plungers are essentially the same but not all of them are created equal. The ingenuity and demands of the over-caffeinated have resulted in French presses made with different materials (glass, stainless steel, and ceramic), capacities (355 ml, 1 litre, 1.6 litres), and structures (double wall, extra filter, etc.).

Our Pick – Five Best Coffee Plungers For Sale on Amazon

Coffee Plunger Sizes Available Material Features Amazon Rating Price
Bodum Chambord 355 ml
1 litre
1.6 litres
Borosilicate Glass Classic design
Stainless steel plunger and filter
4.6/5 Check Price
Avanti Modena Twin-Wall Coffee Plunger 1 litre Stainless Steel Double wall
Stainless steel plunger
Extra fine filter
5/5 Check Price
Le Creuset Stoneware French Press 1 litre Ceramic Enamel coated
Chip-resistant Odor-resistant Stainless steel plunger
4.5/5 Check Price
Espro P7 Coffee French Press 355 ml
1 litre
Stainless Steel Seamless exterior
Brushed metal finish
Double wall
Patented, extra fine filter
4.5/5 Check Price
Presse by Bobble 380 ml Stainless Steel Food-grade Silicone Ultra portable
3-wall insulation
4.5/5 Check Price

Bodum Chambord French Press


With more than 7,000 5-star ratings, this Bodum French press comes out as a strong favourite. The beaker is made with borosilicate glass and is quite durable. The press is fitted with a stainless steel plunger and filter that can be taken apart for thorough cleaning. The design is timeless — the glass body is encased in a metal frame and a domed cover. It’s also available in multiple sizes and it’s affordable. There is one caveat though — the plastic handle can feel a little flimsy.

At the end of the day, the Bodum Chambord is perfect for home use. It’s classic design is familiar, it looks good, and while it won’t stand up to abuse, it is quite reliable as a daily coffee maker. We think it’s superb for its price. Avanti Modena Twin-Wall Coffee Plunger

Avanti Modena Twin-Wall Coffee Plunger


The Avanti Modena is a double wall coffee plunger made with good quality 18/8 stainless steel. It is sleek, durable, and the combination of its material and structure makes it extremely good at heat retention. It is also designed with a spill-proof spout that keeps pouring coffee neat and mess-free. 

One of the usual problems with French press coffee is the presence of errant coffee grounds that escaped through the mesh filter. This is hardly a problem with the Avanti Modena — the metal mesh filter is extra fine allowing only the good stuff through. 

We don’t really see anything bad with this French press but it is huge: the capacity of the Modena Avanti is 1 litre and it weighs over 800 grams. It’s quite hefty for home use unless you’re a big family but it is definitely unbeatable in a busy kitchen or office pantry.

Le Creuset Stoneware French Press


If the lack of color in your brew bar or kitchen is beginning to get old, then this La Creuset French press is something you’d want to consider getting. Inside the ceramic body is a stainless steel plunger and mesh filter. And outside is a beautiful, non-porous and chip-resistant enamel finish that lends to a vintage appearance. It’s also dishwasher safe! Did we mention that it’s odor-resistant?

Mind you, this La Creuset French press is on the pricier end of the scale but it is gorgeous. Performance-wise, it’s average. The mesh is very fine but can be a little flimsy and after a while, you might find some coffee grounds in your cup. That’s not very surprising for French press coffee but it can get annoying. However if you’re open to decanting your coffee to a separate carafe before serving, this beautiful piece may be worth the extra step.

Espro P7 Coffee French Press


The Espro P7 is regarded as the King of French Presses not only because of its price but because it is a workhorse of a coffee maker. Its body is made with high-quality stainless steel with a seamless design and a brushed finish. It’s quite outstanding! But what’s really exciting is what’s inside this double wall coffee plunger: the double mesh micro filter ensures no grounds get into your coffee. That’s quite a feat for a coffee press. 

Some people have qualms about the extremely clean cup but this is highly subjective. Besides, there are ways to prepare a strong brew when using a coffee plunger and using a faulty filter isn’t one of them. On the other hand, there are many people who absolutely love the Espro’s double filter because it helps eliminate the high cholesterol content that it typically present in press coffees.

In terms of heat retention, the Espro P7 is insulated so it’s great but you mustn’t skip the preheating step if you want it to function as designed. This French press comes in a few sizes so you can pick one that best suits your needs.

Presse by Bobble


We saved one spot on this list for a travel press. Presse by Bobble is a two-piece stainless steel French press and tumbler in one. It is easy to use, dishwasher-safe, and insulated so there’s not much to ask for in a portable French press. Inside, the microfilter is designed to keep the coffee grounds at the bottom and stop the brewing immediately after it’s been pressed.

Just to be clear, Presse is not completely leak-proof but it wasn’t exactly designed to be used as a takeaway for carrying coffee in your bag anyway. It is meant for making coffee at the office, while traveling, or when outdoors without having to carry bulky equipment or an extra tumbler at that.

Final thoughts

coffee roast, coffee pods

When choosing a press coffee maker, it’s important to consider three things: materials, size, and cost. The best coffee plunger for you is one that will hold up to your daily coffee making routine and fits your budget. 

Overall, we think that the Bodum Chambord is the best value for money: with the right size, you can make several cups of good coffee in one go. Just remember to handle it with care when cleaning and be prepared to replace it after a year or two of use. If you have a bit more of a budget, the Avanti Modena is wonderful albeit a little heavy. Single-person households may want to hold back since this one is designed for making a lot of coffee.



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